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How do I install the Smart Capsule into Cue cookware? What is the Smart Capsule?

Included with every "generation 1" Hestan Cue cookware piece is a Smart Capsule. The Smart Capsule uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect Cue cookware with the rest of the Hestan Cue Cooking System, and to transmit temperature data to the Hestan Cue App. This ensures the cookware is always at just the right temperature needed to prepare the food you are cooking.

Battery installation: Unscrew and remove the battery cover and bottom screw from the Smart Capsule. Insert (1) AAA battery so that the positive (+) end goes in first. Replace the battery cover and screw back in. Do not overtighten.

Tip: You can use a coin or the rounded end of the Hestan Cue Ruler that comes with the Smart Capsule as a screw driver. 

Capsule installation: After correctly installing the battery, completely insert the Smart Capsule into a Hestan Cue cookware handle. Make sure the metal pins on the capsule make contact with the pins inside the handle. Tighten screw located on the underside of cookware handle. Do not overtighten. Failure to install the screw completely may result in the capsule becoming dislodged.


Tip: There is no on/off switch on the Smart Capsule or cookware. The capsule is “always on.” Battery life is dependent on usage, but with typical use, can last several months.

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